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Meet MUA Tasha Renee

MUA TashaRenee is a professional Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician with over 15 years of experience. She has developed extensive makeup experience in the bridal, commercial, beauty, and fashion industries. Tasha Renee has a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and has worked in social services for nearly 10 years. A major passion of Tasha Renee is mental health and self awareness. MUA Assist is strives to go into a Simple & Effective- makeup brand. Makeup made easy. As an artist with many years in the industry, she has seen many deficits on both sides of the coin from the perspective of an artist and the day to day woman. She created MUA ASSIST to simplify makeup and provide the necessary learning tools and tips to the professional artist and day to day woman. In essence, we will be your MUA Assistant.
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